Frog Winter Cag Deck

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Frog is a family run business operating from the Czech Republic. They have been producing canoe slalom clothing for several years offering great quality products at great prices.

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This is a winter cag deck competes with the big players of Sandiline and Peak UK, the main thing that separates them is the price. The Frog winter cag deck is at least £30 cheaper than its competition and is still made to a high standard, as you’d expect. As you can see from the pictures the deck has two options, a kevlar deck and a rubber seal. The kevlar deck is fitted to medium cags and bigger, as its harder to put on the boat. Then for smaller kids who aren’t as strong the rubber seal is fitted to small cags and below. There is a neoprene neck seal as seen in the photos and the cuffs come with a double seal of latex and neoprene to prevent water coming up the arms.


Sizing comes up small so if you were a Medium in PeakUK/Sandiline/Hiko go for a Large.

Also, Frog offers an XS  size option which is great for juniors that find the other brands cags a bit too big.


  1. As somebody who has never owned a waterproof cag over many years of canoe slalom, I had high expectations. Those expectations were blown right out of the water! It was like paddling around in my own cocoon of comfort. And I was confident to pull moves you’d only normally see me do in the warmth of winter!

    Feels very sturdy and expect it to last me for many years.

    Would highly recommend.

  2. I bought the frog neoprene winter cagdeck a few weeks ago and have so far been impressed with it! I decided to buy the frog gear as I was finding that other more common brands weren’t lasting very long before wearing down around the cockpit rim and ripping all together. The frog cagdeck is reinforced in this area and so will hopefully last a bit longer, only time will tell! The cagdeck has a relatively tight fit, with very little excess material to catch on the poles. The neck is also one of my favourite parts of the cagdeck, where other brands have large bulky neck seals, this one has a small seal that works just as well without getting in the way. Coming into this time of year it is important to have the right gear to keep you warm, so far I have found the frog cagdeck to be perfect for this, the thick material keeping in warmth and keeping me almost completely dry. The final bonus of this cagdeck is the price. At £130 it is a lot cheaper than other winter cags on the market at the minute!

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